you say to a brick:'What do you want brick?' and brick says to you: 'i like an arch.' and you say to brick: 

'look, i want one, too, but arches are expensive and i can use a concrete lintel.' and then you say:

'what do you think of that, brick?'  brick says: 'i like an arch'          

                                                                                                              ~ louis kahn



It all began at the tender age of four when I clicked two Lego bricks together. Sequestered in my own world of Lincon Logs, Erector Sets and Legos, my love for design and building transformed me into the architect I am today. Spawn of creative parents, art, creativity and exploration of the intangable became the mantra as I navigated my path through the world. Graduating from the Collage of Environmental Design at the University of California in Berkeley was officially my first mile stone. Over the next decade I worked for both small firms focused on residential architecture as well as large firms focused on retail, adaptive re-use, churches, restaurants and even petrolium architecture. The bredth of experience, both in design as well as successful business models, serve me well as I expand into the exciting realm of business owner. Obtaining my California Architect's License was paramount to my success, not only as an individual, but as an member of the profession. Let me guide you through the maze of design, building and construction to the pinnacle of mankind's quest to master the built environment.


Eternal quest for knowledge, experience and escape from mundane existence

Every soul is constantly ensconced by architecture, however some mearly see buildings. Delight can be found in a simple door knob or window treatment, our goal

is to expand the understanding of design and awaken the primal connection

between humans and the built environment. 


Traversing the globe via the road less traveled searching for adventure and inspiration

Life is more than the daily grind, it is a precious gift bestowed upon every living being. Alive with possibilities, we have the choice to explore the world, to experience different cultures and realities far beyond our wildest dreams. All it takes is the first step, seize the day, seek out new horizons and experiences.